Call For Presenters:
Speak at Retail Rally!

We're looking for top-notch, TED-talk style presentations for MnRA's 3rd annual Retail Rally!

Retail Rally will feature 5-6 TED-talk talk presentations aimed at 125 Minnesota retailers and their key business partners. TED-talk style presentations are concise, engaging, 15-20 minutes in length, and tangible/actionable.

Click here for details or visit before May 6.

Retail Rally 2019
Coming In October!

2018's Retail Rally Featured Amanda Brinkman, creator of Small Business Revolution-- a story-telling documentary and photo series celebrating small businesses.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2019 Retail Rally keynote!

Retail Rally

Where innovative retailers & their partners
gather, learn and celebrate!

Retail Rally is where retailers and their partners gather to hear innovative ideas and celebrate Minnesota's Retail Champions. 2019 marks our third annual retail rally--building of our 150 attendees representing retailers and vendor partners of all sizes across the state.

Watch The 2018
Minnesota 's Retail Champions Video!

Nominate A Minnesota Retail Champion
Before April 22!

  • Lifetime Achievement/Outstanding Achievement

    Outstanding achievement is the symbol of knowledge and learning, providing the creative spark for future growth and development. The MN Retail community has grown and prospered because of the creative spark and dedication of many, but there are some individuals whose selfless efforts and devotion to the industry are monumental.

  • Vendor Partner of the Year

    The MnRA Vendor Partner of the Year Award brings annual recognition to a retail vendor partner for outstanding craftsmanship, creativity, product safety aware, social responsibility and service to retailers.

  • Retailer of the Year

    The MnRA Retailer of the Year Award brings annual recognition to a retailer store or shopping center for outstanding marketing creativity, secure supply chain, social responsibility and customer experience/service for the shopping public. The organization has exhibited outstanding leadership and made significant contributions to the retail industry and the community.

  • Retail Community of the Year

    The MnRA Retail Community of the Year Award brings annual recognition to a community for outstanding support of retailers.

  • Retail Employe of the Year

    The MnRA Retail Employee of the Year Award recognizes an individual who quietly and humbly makes their retail company a better place to be. They exhibit first in class customer care, empathy for their fellow colleagues, always go the extra yard.

  • Social Responsibility

    The MnRA Social Responsibility award recognizes a company dedicated to making the world a smarter, safer, healthier and more sustainable place. Do you put the spirit of community into the daily operations of your company? Show us how corporate social responsibility is woven into the fabric of your company.

  • Best Place To Work

    The MnRA Best Place to Work Award recognizes an outstanding employer in retail.  A company that truly cares about it’s employees. A culture where employees feel valued and respected creating trust, pride and camaraderie. Is your company a place where you punch the clock and it is more about winning, more about collaborating and more about the work than the paycheck.

  • Retail Innovation

    The MnRA Retail Innovation Award recognizes companies and people who bring new ideas to life. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change the way we experience retail and create new ways to reach and engage a company’s audiences (employees, customers, the community).

  • Customer Experience

    The MnRA Retail Customer Experience Award recognizes a retail company that is delivering “WOW” factors so powerful that your customers develop love for your brand. Your company is fostering the customer experience through consistently delightful shopping experiences.

  • Advoate of the Year

    The MnRA Retail Advocate of the Year Award recognizes an individual or company that has excelled in grassroots advocacy on behalf of retail. The Advocate of the Year inspires others to make a difference by engaging their elected officials in discussions and promoting policies that support retail in MN.